Organizational Intelligence
The Wellspring Team

Thomas Addington

Tom Addington is co-founder and CEO of Wellspring Group, Ltd. He holds a Ph.D. in Communication. Prior to his current work with Wellspring he served on the faculties of The Pennsylvania State University and the University of Arkansas, teaching organizational design, development, culture and communication.

Addington has authored numerous books on leadership, and serves on a number of boards.

In addition to his writing, Addington is involved in on-going dialogue with leaders in business regarding current issues and best practices. He conducts extensive face-to-face interviews with both Chief Executives and Managing Directors of companies, as well as other significant thought leaders.

Addington's love of all things International began in Hong Kong where he spent the majority of his formative years. This experience cultivated a love of International travel that he has continued extensively in business and with his family.

Tom and his wife, Susan, split their time between Fayetteville and Oxford. They have three grown children scattered throughout the U.S.

Andrew Corley

Andrew Corley is a Senior Consultant of Wellspring Group, and specializes in developing business and marketing plans.

Andy is an expert in assisting companies grow turnover and EBIT, as well as carrying out business health audits and implementing strategic action plans. He gives advice on asset development and compilation of business performance programs and has served as an international lead delegate in multi-national best practice commercial and marketing forums.

Andy's leadership experience includes Divisional General Management and Sales and Marketing Directorship roles within Hanson Bricks Europe, the largest European supplier of bricks, as well as Lafarge the world's largest building materials producer. In addition he has served as Managing Director of Quadralene Chemical Products Ltd., where he has led a company reorganization consistent with the organization's family-held ethic and values. That assignment has included a shift to value and margin-based decision making; a performance management culture based on analysis, goals, action planning and tracking, as well as recruitment of key senior management personnel.

Andrew lives in Derbyshire, England with his wife and three children.

Kelly Fried

Kelly Fried is a Senior Consultant of Wellspring Group and specializes in developing leadership teams, as well as helping organizations set goals and evaluate employee effectiveness.

In addition, Kelly has been extensively involved in conflict resolution and mediation. He specializes in bringing people together to solve problems and find common ground.

Jennifer Lawson

Jennifer Lawson is a Senior Consultant of Wellspring Group, and is a specialist in building professional development and training that is customized to meet assessed organizational needs.

Dr. Lawson creates optimal training environments and builds learning bridges that transfer content to practice. She collaborates with leadership and teams in organizational strategic planning.

Jennifer holds an Ed.D. in Educational Leadership and Administration, and has over 20 years of diverse experience leading educational organizations and initiatives, as well as acting as a coach to other leaders. In addition, she has extensive experience in cross-cultural learning environments.

Husband Terry and Jennifer live in Fayetteville, Arkansas, along with their boxer, Hans, and Yorkie Terrier, Maggie. They have two grown children.

Keith Rascher

Keith Rascher is a Senior Consultant of Wellspring Group. He has spent his career assisting organizations across the Asia-Pacific region in team building and coaching.

Because Keith has spent most of his career in Asia, he is sought after as an expert in how teams and organizations function in multi-language, multi-cultural, and multi-ethnic contexts. He works with organizations as a specialist in troubleshooting team dysfunctions and in helping arrange for greater effectiveness.

Based in Indonesia, Keith is also fluent in the Indonesian language. He holds both BA and MA degrees.

Steve Stratos

Steve has a passion for corporate education and training programs, as well as all other aspects of professional staff development. He is a gifted communicator speaking to the hearts and minds of business leaders. His understanding of a values-driven style of leadership empowers others and brings greater productivity.

Stratos has considerable cross-cultural organizational experience.

George Wigglesworth

George Wigglesworth is a Senior Partner of Wellspring-Group where he specializes in developing people in organizations.

George has extensive organizational experience, working over his career in the steel industry, the oil exploration business, as a paper merchant and then in software consultancy.

George holds a BSc in Engineering, as well as an MBA.

George lives in Derbyshire, England with his wife and three children.